Let your customer's actions tell their own story.

Now you can see a timeline of every action a customer takes in
your app from the first time they open it to today.

Details matter

Tackle big questions with the smallest details

Make better product decisions by seeing the full story of how individual customers use your
product. Activity Feed puts customer behavior into an event-based timeline, so you can follow
along as people experience your product, seeing where they get stuck along the way.

Filtered by Neighborhood
After results are listed, she
narrows her search to Noe Valley.
Viewed 3 rentals
She compares a few places
before finding the perfect match.
Booked reservation
Now she can start packing to
prepare for a vacation to remember.


Get the full story,
from beginning to end.

At each stage in a customer’s lifecycle, they use your app differently. Now you can test ways to improve your app for specific segments by looking at individual customer behavior. For your best customers, Activity Feed can let you see what features they use most. For customers that are in danger of churning, Activity Feed helps you understand why based on what they are or are not doing.


First impressions count.

Your customer's first interaction with with your product is critical. Visitors who get lost navigating your site, or are unable to sign-up, may not return a second time. Activity Feed lets you follow each of the actions a new customer takes as they use your app. This is a simple yet powerful way to quickly uncover ways to improve your app, potentially increasing conversion rates, customer engagement, and overall satisfaction.

Getting started takes less than 10 minutes.

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