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12 billion reasons to measure engagement instead of page views

Suhail Doshi

Mixpanel’s mission is to help the world learn from its data. Every day our customers — companies such as Sidecar, Top Hat Monocle, and TaskRabbit — use Mixpanel to learn how their customers use their mobile app or website, then take action to improve it and grow their business.

The page view is clearly dead as the industry shifts towards measuring engagement. Over the past six months we’Â’ve had a 60%+ increase in businesses becoming more data-driven as they start using Mixpanel. Today 1,003 mobile apps and websites use Mixpanel to analyze more than 12 billion actions every single month. It took our entire first year to reach one billion actions analyzed per month; today, we easily see the same number in additional growth each month. That’s a lot of engagement!

Our team isn’t just building products that help people understand their data, we’re building products like Notifications that help our customers take action on it, too. As we’ve grown, so has the number of people that our customers can measure: itÂ’s tripled to more than 200+ million over the last 6 months. And businesses are recognizing the power of connecting with these customers in a data-driven smart, timely, way. In this month alone, our customers sent more than 9 million emails and 12 million push messages using Mixpanel, letting their customers know about everything from new levels in a game and even relevant events near them.

Our dedication to engagement and metrics that matter is paying off for our customers. Recently Airbnb used Mixpanel to see where they were losing hosts in their first-time listing flow and made changes that resulted in a 5x increase in their conversion rate — and that’s only one of a host of examples. At Mixpanel we celebrate our customers’ successes because these are our successes, they mean we’re delivering on our vision. And based on the feedback we hear every day, we’re definitely on the right track. We can’t wait to hear more.

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