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Suhail Doshi

NOTE: The Email Report feature has been deprecated; please click here for additional information and options for getting Mixpanel reports on-the-go.


Here’s a new feature we’ve just released that many of you have asked for:
email digests of your most important metrics!

Setting Up

Setup is very easy. Just start bookmarking events on your project. After an
event is bookmarked, you can switch the settings for the bookmark to receive
either daily or weekly reports. Our report will track either unique or total
events, depending on which one the view you bookmarked is tracked.



It’s important to see how your metrics are growing or declining. Our
comparisons give you an idea of how your metrics are trending.



Our simple alerts system will notify you when your key metrics change in some
significant way. We calculate the statistics for the past month’s worth of
data, and if your events have increased or decreased by half a standard
deviation, we will alert you to the change.


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