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A faster, more reliable JavaScript SDK

When we wrote our post-mortem on the July 30th
we outlined three steps we would take to prevent that
downtime in the future. All three steps have now been completed, including
serving the Mixpanel JavaScript library from a proper content delivery

What is the new URL for the JavaScript library?

What’s the advantage of using this?

The new snippet now points to a new JavaScript file that is being served
through a content delivery network (CDN). Your website will load our
JavaScript file 4-5x faster in the U.S. and potentially much faster around the
world since the CDN also has servers all around the world to quickly serve the
file to international users. You will also experience much higher reliability
from us.

Where can I get the latest snippet that I can just copy and paste on my website?

You can find it at our Help Center:

Will the old snippet/URL work?

Absolutely – you are not required to update anything at all.

What happens if I create a new project?

From now on, if you are creating a new Mixpanel project, the snippet we
provide you during the setup phase will reference the CDN.

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