Let your customers’ actions tell their own story

Aggregate data is great for tracking key metrics and understanding trends, but it doesn’t tell the full story of how consumers use a product. Your customers are unique, why shouldn’t your data be too? That’s where anecdotal insights come in. When a business zeros in on the story of how a single person uses their product they can unlock valuable insights that are otherwise lost in a flood of data.

Mixpanel’s new Activity Feed does just that by combining your existing data–actions–with your specific customers in our People product. With no extra work and on a moment’s notice, you can see the full story of how an individual customer has used your app from their first visit to latest activity. Activity Feed brings together event-based data and consumer behavior, displaying a timeline of each action–as you’ve already defined them in Mixpanel–that an individual customer takes every time they use and engage with your product. Sudden insight this powerful can inform and unveil surprising discoveries about your users’ habits, as well as serve as a powerful customer service tool.

But don’t just take our word for it. Dollar Shave Club, a rapidly growing ecommerce start-up that delivers razors to its members for as little as $1 per month and a new Mixpanel customer, values the ability to see both their aggregate data and understand how their individual members move through their site.

Todd Lehr, VP of Engineering, said: “We looked at several options before we chose Mixpanel. They created a simple, easy funnel analysis for user behavior on our site, have a powerful dashboard and were easy to implement. Activity Feed lets us see what our members are doing on our site which helps us make decisions on how to optimize their experience.”

Dollar Shave Club is just getting started with Mixpanel, but has already used Activity Feed to uncover interesting insights into what their members are doing when they visit their account page. They are also starting to use Activity Feed to understand how their members use new features.

The powerful combination of aggregate data and anecdotal insights opens up new opportunities for businesses to improve their products and customer interactions. We are doing the work so you can combine the action and customer data you have in Mixpanel, fulfilling one of the biggest requests we hear from our customers.

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