New visual editor for emails in Notifications

Ever have a beautifully designed email loaded into Notifications and discover a typo right before you hit send? In the past you would have had to go back to your design or engineering team to ask them to fix it then re-load it before you can send.

No more. We’ve added a visual editor to emails in Notifications so anyone on your team can now easily tweak the copy at the last minute. Fix typos, change the date of an event, or add a new sentence. You can type directly into the template and see the changes as you go.

We’ve also added the ability to add new images to an email. Just click your mouse on where you’d like the image to appear in your message, then click on the icon in the upper right side of the visual editor, drop the image in and it will appear in the email. Simple cut and paste will let you move it around in the message. We will host the image for you, so your customers will have no problem seeing it.

We added the visual editor to make it so anyone, even non-technical members of your team, have the ability to make minor tweaks to your emails to improve your customer communications. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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