Trends Report: iPhone 5s & 5c Adoption

We’ve added another new report to Mixpanel Trends, you can now watch the adoption curve for the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c live in the new iPhone Models report.

Three days after they went on sale, the iPhone 5s & 5c combined account for almost 2% of all iPhone activity worldwide. But this spike happened on Friday, their release date, and the numbers did not increase substantially over the weekend. It’s also worth noting that the devices are not equal. The iPhone 5s has 2x more activity than the iPhone 5c. The iPhone 5s accounted for 1.17% of all iPhone activity, followed by the iPhone 5c with only 0.46%.

We took a deeper look at the data and found that the vast majority of the total activity – 80% in fact – took place in the United States. Not surprisingly New York City has the greatest concentration of new iPhones with 35% of activity, followed by the SF bay area with 13% of total activity and LA with 7% of total activity.

While the initial spike in activity is interesting and clearly corresponds with a big launch weekend for Apple, the real question is how quickly will consumers upgrade their iPhones or switch over from other devices over the coming weeks and during the upcoming holiday season. For that, we’ll all have to stay tuned and keep our eyes on this report.

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