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Nonprofits and startups now get discounted access to Mixpanel

Danielle Kucera

When employees at CodeSpark, a gaming app that helps children learn to code, saw that young girls completed puzzles at a much lower rate than boys, they realized they had a chance to make engineering more exciting to demographic that’s often underserved.

“We saw that female cohorts were playing our games differently than male students,” said Grant Hosford, CEO & Co-founder of CodeSpark. ”We could have made a laundry list of things that needed improvement, but before we invested engineering resources in any changes, we wanted to see what changes would have the largest impact.”

So they tested out different scenarios for girls, who make up about 50% of their user base, and found that coupling a puzzle with a storyline increased lesson completion by 20%.

For companies like CodeSpark, figuring out which of many worthy initiatives is worth allocating limited funds to can be a daunting task. We want to change that, which is why we’re giving nonprofits and startups access to Mixpanel’s full set of features at a deep discount.

We believe great pursuits should be backed by great technology. Unfortunately, those pursuing the most worthy causes – like nonprofits working on humanitarian efforts and startups working on solving modern pain points – often don’t have the budget to buy sophisticated software.

Nonprofits like Code for America are able to easily answer questions about donor and constituent behavior with Mixpanel, and then use that knowledge to invest in the areas with the biggest potential impact.

When they were small, early Mixpanel customers like Sunrun, Fitbit, and EasyPark were able to unlock growth through the user behavior analysis they got in Mixpanel. We want the next generation of startups to be able to do the same.

For those who want to learn more, we’ve included details about the plans and links to sign up below.

Mixpanel for Nonprofits

Nonprofits that meet certain criteria can get access to Mixpanel’s full set of features for free up to a certain volume of monthly tracked users, and then at an 80% discount. Find out more about qualifying and sign up here.

Mixpanel for Startups

Startups that meet certain criteria can get access to Mixpanel’s full set of features for one year at a 90% discount.  Find out more about qualifying and sign up here.

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