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Mixpanel 2019 Product Highlights
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Mixpanel 2019 Product Highlights

Last edited: Aug 22, 2022 Published: Jan 20, 2020
Mixpanel Team

At Mixpanel, we always strive to move quickly and provide customers with the analytics tools they need to build great products.

In 2019, we shipped over 80 features and wanted to share some highlights to help you get the most out of Mixpanel – and innovate faster in 2020.

Measure the success of your launches with the Impact report

Analyze feature impact

See how new features drive movement in your product KPIs—all without bothering your data science team. The Impact report leverages propensity matching techniques to account for confounding factors so you can know for sure that it was your feature that caused the change in your metrics, and not something else. We’re proud that this is the first and only out-of-the-box “causal inference” reporting for product teams and hope you find it valuable!

Transform your data with ease using Custom Properties

transform your data for analytics

Custom Properties let you modify your property values with simple-to-use, Excel-like formulas without needing your development team to send in new properties. For example:

  • Bucket users based on existing properties, such as “Video Duration,” to create specific groups (< 60 = “Less than 1 hour”, > 60 = “Over 1 hour.”)
  • Merge similar property values into one (“SF”, “San Francisco” —> “San Francisco.”)
  • Calculate new properties from multiple existing properties (Total = “Price” x “Qty.”) 

Learn more about Custom Properties.

Visually compare how each user segment converts

compare conversion performance

Side-by-side funnel breakdowns speed up the process of finding areas for conversion rate optimization. Answer questions like, “How do various segments convert at each funnel step?” and “Which segments convert the fastest?”. Create cohorts directly through the visual interface to further analyze areas of interest, such as low-converting segments.

Learn more about conversion optimization use cases.

Personalize messages and analyze their impact with ease

message personalization and analytics

The Messages & Experiments product evolved significantly in 2019. You can now create dynamic and personalized messages across all message types with liquid templating, and easily analyze link clicks with native tracking.

See how cohort sizes change over time for in-depth lifecycle analysis

To state the obvious, not all users are the same. In addition to creating custom cohort definitions for each stage of the user lifecycle – like New, Engaged, Power, and Dormant users – you can now visualize the size of these cohorts at any point in time through a rolling time series in Insights.

For example, if you run a food delivery app, you can build a Power Orderers cohort of people who placed 3 or more orders in the last 7 days, as well as a Dormant Users cohort of people who haven’t ordered anything in the last 30 days. As the number of users in each group grows or shrinks over time, you can see that visually, across any custom time range. This level of flexibility in cohort analysis is unique to Mixpanel amongst product analytics tools.

Learn more about using cohorts for lifecycle analysis and tracking Growth KPIs.

Analyze your business by accounts, projects, family plans, and other groups

Group Analytics is great for B2B companies, Telcos, and others who measure product success beyond user behavior alone. For example, you can discover which accounts are healthy, which projects are underutilized, and how product usage impacts account health.

Stay up to date on your most important metrics with Custom Alerts and an iOS app

Have an important metric that you want to monitor at all times? Set up a custom alert for when your website conversion rate, or weekly signups, move beyond a threshold of your choice.

Surface outlier segments on demand using Mixpanel’s data science models

Noticed changes in your key funnel metrics? Ask Mixpanel to surface cohorts and event properties that affect conversion rates disproportionately, so you can spend less time slicing and dicing data and more time focused on your product.

Learn more about finding interesting segments.

Get answers faster with a new query builder across multiple reports

As great as new features are, the experience that ties them together is just as important. We’ve doubled down on usability enhancements throughout the product, which include new query builders for the Insights, Flows, Funnels, and Retention reports.

Give it a try in Mixpanel.

Keep Mixpanel synced to the rest of your stack with Data Pipelines

Data Pipelines lets you send data into and out of Mixpanel with ease, so user analytics doesn’t live on an island. Connect to a data warehouse to incorporate clickstream data into broader business analysis, or send data to a real-time queue to power machine learning models. Save your data engineering team time, while maintaining data integrity across your stack.

Ensure your business meets data privacy and security requirements

Your data’s security and privacy are our #1 concern. EU Data Residency ensures that your data is collected, processed and stored in a way that meets different EU regional norms, while our CCPA Readiness Program ensures your business complies with new guidelines for California consumers’ data privacy rights.

Programs, events, and content:

Apart from product features, we also launched new programs, events and content to share what we learn from product experts with the world at large.

Mixpanel Community

Early last year, we launched the Mixpanel Community as a place for users, Mixpanel product managers, and industry experts to connect and share best practices. Over the year, the user base grew tenfold. Due to popular demand, the community got a facelift and a new name – QBQ (short for Question Behind the Question).

Check it out.

Guide to Product Metrics

Whether you build or market products, tracking the right metrics is crucial to innovation. To help you find the right metrics for your products, we created the Guide to Product Metrics, where you can learn how to define key metrics, measure the health of your product, and build your own key metrics tree.

The Guide to Product Metrics Workshop Series traveled across the globe to five countries and four continents. At each location, there was a hands-on session where attendees built their own metrics frameworks, guided by Mixpanel instructors.

Product Benchmarks

We also published the 2019 Product Benchmarks Report based on data from 1.2 billion users across 638 products and 4 verticals (SaaS, eCommerce, Finance, and Media). Check it out and see how you stack up against average and best-in-class products across metrics like active usage, engagement, and retention.

New Partner Onboarding and Certification Program

Operating in an environment of collaboration and learning is how we grow together. That’s why we’ve launched the new Partner Certification series as part of Mixpanel University, our self-serve learning platform. Partners can become certified in three main subject areas: Go-To-Market 101, Implementation 101, and Analysis 101. And as part of our broader efforts to drive growth with data for everyone, Mixpanel customers will also get access to the learning platform in the near future.

If you’re interested in becoming a Mixpanel partner, apply to join.

Innovators: Behind the Product

To cap it all off, we launched the Innovators: Behind the Product series. It features product and growth leaders from top companies like Google and Citi Ventures, each sharing best practices learned from their personal experiences.

Hello 2020!

Here we are, over 10 trillion data points and 80 feature updates later. Thanks to all of you for making this possible, and for your future input that will help us build the next set of features that put even more analysis power at your fingertips. Our promise is that the best version of Mixpanel will always be yet to come.

To stay updated on all the latest releases, check out our #WhatsNewWednesday series on Twitter.

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