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3 tips for email marketing with Mixpanel

At Mixpanel we build products we want to use and as a marketer I could not wait to get my hands on Notifications (formerly Engage). As soon as it launched, we moved 100% of our marketing emails onto it. Today, I’m its biggest fan and user. It lets me easily optimize what messages are sent, when, and quickly make changes without bugging our engineers. I can also visually scan all the messages I send, a big step forward especially for marketers who have emails hard coded into their websites.

As someone who spends a lot of my time using Mixpanel (and previously spent a lot of time using other email services), I’d like to share three tips for other marketers on getting the most out of Notifications:

  1. Schedule emails for times when they are more likely to be relevant to your customers The most relevant time for your customers to hear from you depends on each product, who your customers are, and what message you are sending. By default, Mixpanel will send a message within 30 minutes of a trigger occurring. So make sure to put thought into when messages should be sent. For example, an automated welcome message that appeals to small business owners should likely be sent during during business hours on a weekday.
  2. Make your audience very specific If you want to send an offer to your customers automatically, say, a discount for a new service or upgrade, start by making the audience as small and targeted as possible to ensure it is relevant. Then over time, broaden the target group until conversion rates begin to drop. This will ensure you are reaching only customers who are most likely to be interested in the message.
  3. Use a custom unsubscribe link and don’t click it!
    Sending messages with the default unsubscribe link can make them look impersonal. Instead, you see the following html to set your own text and font for an unsubscribe link <a href=”<< unsub >>”>click here</a>. When testing emails, people often send messages to themselves first as a test. If you do this, make sure not to click unsubscribe or you won’t be able to continue getting test emails, and might think something has broken!
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