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A/B testing comes to Android

Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
Justin Megahan

So you’ve got an idea.

“We have all these awesome features most users just haven’t tried yet. I bet more people would use them if they couldn’t skip the tutorial. ”

“I know more people would create an account if our button just said ‘Get Started’.”

“Our game’s too easy. People want a challenge. If it were a bit faster, it would keep users coming back.”

Great, but a good idea alone isn’t gonna cut it. Especially when opinions differ. What you really need is cold, hard data. You need to put that hypothesis to the test and see how it fares with real users in the real world.

That’s where A/B testing comes in.

Previously, you’ve been able to use Mixpanel to experiment and improve your iOS app. And we’ve seen how useful it has been to our customers. Today, we’re expanding Mixpanel A/B Testing to Android. All the capabilities that enable you to experiment and improve your iOS app are now available for Android apps, as well.

A/B testing a new button

Just as not all apps are built the same, not all mobile experiences are alike. Help your customers get the most from your product with A/B Testing for Android. Simply include the latest version of the Mixpanel Android library in your app, and you are ready to experiment.

Does changing the color of a button make it more clickable? Will new text attract more users to your call to action? Do customers buy more after viewing a photo of your product? Which background is more addictive to gamers: a forest or a night sky?

You can now answer all these questions with real user data right from the simple in-browser Mixpanel editor. You can even target the audience of your experiment by properties: test on Android users in Georgia, or who under 35, or both.

And dive into the data to see the long-term outcomes of any change you implement. Just use Mixpanel’s advanced analytics to dig deeper to understand the full value of your test results.

Line chart of users who started the experiment and then made an in app purchase

Plus, once you’ve got the SDK in your app, you can deploy more and new experiments without having to push a new update to the Google Play store.

Developers, developers, developers

Okay, I know what some of you are saying: “That’s all good and fine, but I’ve got bigger things to test than a button’s color.”

Of course you do. Not everything is a visual change. Sometimes what you really want to test is programmatic, like the velocity of a ship in your game. Or, if changing the default shipping method for the shopping cart of your ecommerce app will boost sales conversions.

Changing a tweak variable for a velocity A/B test

Using Mixpanel’s A/B developer tweaks, you can get behind the scenes and into the code. Declare a tweak variable in your app, then use Mixpanel A/B Testing to trigger an experiment and change the value. Then you can test anything. The possibilities are endless.

So, if you aren’t using Mixpanel yet, get on it and start an account for free today. Then start an A/B test and put those great ideas to work.

And, as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our legendary support team.

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