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Mixpanel Notifications to Grow your Business

This Community Tip will describe how to utilize Mixpanel notifications to engage users according to the AARRR analytics framework. By sending targeted notifications throughout the customer lifecycle, you can independently increase acquisitions, activations, retention, revenue, and referrals.

Mixpanel Notifications are powerful tools for engaging with your user base. Through targeted push, email, SMS, and in-app messages, you can deliver effective calls to action to targeted groups of users.

To determine who receives what call to action, Mixpanel uses targeting based off of people properties. There’s nothing worse than having a great call to action, but not having the right people properties to target the right group of users.

This post will cover all of the tips and tricks you need to create effective campaigns throughout your user’s lifecycle with Mixpanel notifications. We will walk through examples of the campaigns you can set up to send during important moments of the AARRR customer lifecycle.


On our sample e-commerce site, ShopALot, users can sign up for an account without purchasing. This is great because then we can target interested buyers and encourage them to purchase a piece of clothing.

When users sign up, we want to store a few different people properties:

  • Sign Up Date (the day the user signed up)
  • Invited Friends (the number of friends the user has invited, initially set to 0)
  • Credit (the amount of credit a user has, initially set to 0)
  • Source (the attribution source for users)

With all of these detailed properties stored on a user’s profile, we can then send targeted emails focused on engaging these new users. Below are some example emails and targeting.

  • Welcome email to all users that signed up in the past day "Signup"
  • When we partner with advertisers and bloggers to promote our site, we can reach out to users that came specifically through a certain source and thank them for joining "Referral"


Now that we have many users signing up for our website, we want to turn them into converted customers who are evangelists for ShopALot!

To do this, there are a few people properties we want to track:

  • First Purchase Date (the day the user made their first purchase)
  • Total Number of Purchases (the number of purchases the user has made, initially set to 0)

With these people properties, we can now send our users targeted calls to action, encouraging them to make a purchase on our site. This is especially important for users who have yet to perform an action we wish for them to make, which is a purchase for an e-commerce website.

  • For recent sign-ups who have yet to make a purchase, we are going to send them a promotional email every two weeks, letting them know about our newest sales and items "Promo1" "Promo2"


Once we have active users on our e-commerce platform, we want to make sure they stay engaged over time – targeted notifications can be a powerful way to retain users.

In addition to the aforementioned people properties, we are going to store:

  • Last Purchase Date (the day the user made their most recent purchase)
  • Lifetime Value (the total dollar amount a user has spent on our site, initially set to 0)

With these properties, we can then encourage users to come back and continue to purchase items on our site. Typically retaining users has some element of incentive for the user to return and keep using your platform, which for e-commerce could be a discount or new product launch.

  • We are going to email promotional content about new summer clothes to users that haven’t purchased in the past 3 months "ComeBack"
  • To reward our power shoppers, we are inviting them to a special end-of-summer sale "PowerUsers"


We want to do everything we can to ensure that our retained users become evangelists for ShopALot, ultimately directing their friends to the site.

Through Mixpanel people properties, we would want to track:

  • Invited Friends (the number of friends the user has invited, initially set to 0)

Once we store the referral information for a user, we can then act upon this people property to encourage and reward referrals.

  • We know that users who invite friends to our site are more likely to purchase. For new users without any invited friends on the site, we want to send a targeted email campaign encouraging them to invite friends and earn credit "Referral"
  • To thank our key evangelists, let’s send a special discount to users who have invited more than 15 users "Discount"

Have further questions about how to send users a targeted lifecycle notification based on their people properties? Reach out to support@mixpanel.com to speak to someone smart, quickly.

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