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iOS 7 accounts for 61% of all iOS activity

Last week Apple launched iOS 7, the biggest update to iOS in years, and two new versions of the iPhone. A week later, the impact of both is clear in the adoption rates.

After just one week, iOS 7 now accounts for 61% of all iOS activity. The huge spike in initial adoption, iOS 7 reached 36% of activity after just 24 hours, seems to have leveled off as it has only increased 3% over the past three days. It took only 54 hours, for iOS 7 to overtake iOS 6 as the dominant iOS version.

Six days after going on sale, the iPhone 5s & 5c combined account for just over 2% of all iPhone activity worldwide. The iPhone 5s has 2x more activity than the iPhone 5c and that gap has increased over the past few days. The iPhone 5s accounted for 1.62% of all iPhone activity, followed by the iPhone 5c with only 0.50%.

Keep following the new iOS Adoption and iPhone Models reports on Mixpanel Trends to see how the numbers change in realtime. As we close in on the release of Android Kit Kat and the holiday season, it’s going to be interesting to watch how quickly iOS 7 reaches 90%+ of activity, if consumers upgrade their iPhones, and how Android update rates compare.

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