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Announcing Universal AB Testing

One month ago, we unveiled a brand-new product: Mobile A/B Testing.

Mixpanel was created to empower companies to learn from their data; helping businesses isolate and improve that important conversion step, or determining the stickiest features to focus on iterating. Last month, we built a product to help you take this process a step further. With Mobile A/B Testing, you can actively make changes on the fly. Need to alter marketing copy? Test a funnel conversion with a different scheme? Fundamentally alter the mechanics of your game? Mixpanel mobile A/B Testing lets you do this with the click of a button.

A/B Testing was made with the power and precision of our targeted Notifications. Using your People profiles, we created mobile A/B Testing to allow you to design truly impactful A/B tests based on custom properties.

Now, we’ve set out to help you answer a different set of questions. While we want you to be as targeted as possible, there are some questions that span across your entire user base. There are some questions begging to be asked regardless of the segment your users belong to.

Today, we’re releasing universal A/B Testing. Test your broadest assumptions by using our new: Send an A/B Test to Everyone option. Universal A/B Testing doesn’t require you to have a People plan, or even People profiles.


A/B Testing has two flavors: the maximized, highly targeted variety, and the universal one; now, Mixpanel gives you the option for both.

We can’t wait for you to start.

You can learn more about Mobile A/B testing here or learn about the technical details in our docs. For any questions, however, you can always write into to talk to someone smart, quickly.

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