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Send notifications to your customers in their timezone

The time at which users receive notifications is a critical factor in the success rate of your campaigns. That is why we allow you to schedule your notifications to be delivered at a specific time of day. However, we realize that your users aren’t always located in the same timezone and in many cases they are located across timezones all over the world. To address this issue, we now allow you to schedule notifications based on the specific timezone of each user you’re sending to. This means that if you schedule a delivery for 3 PM, each user will receive it at 3 PM in his or her timezone.

How to enable

When you are creating any kind of notification (it will work with email, push, in-app, etc.), choose “SPECIFIC TIMEZONE OF THE USER” for the timezone.

How we determine timezones

When it’s time to send a notification campaign, we check the $timezone property on each people profile to determine what timezone they’re in. If using our JavaScript, iOS or Android library, the $timezone property is automatically set on all profiles based on the client IP address. If data is sent using our Rest API or one of our server libraries, we’ll set the user’s $timezone property to the timezone where your server is located unless the client’s IP address is sent with the request. If a profile doesn’t contain a $timezone property or has an invalid $timezone property, we will fall back to the timezone that your project is in.

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