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Announcing the ability to export your raw data

Suhail Doshi

Today we would like to announce the ability to export any data you insert into Mixpanel.

It’s finally ready for prime-time, after testing with some of our biggest customers on data sets ranging into 100s of millions of data points.

You find the official documentation for the API here:

Here are some useful examples of ways you can use this to your advantage:

  • If you’re advertising on mobile, you can export and analyze all the UDIDs that advertisers are claiming they got for you. This helps you with attribution and de-duplication if you’re working with multiple advertisers.
  • If you saw a spike of 10,000 events but noticed only a few unique users contributed to it, you can now dive a bit deeper to determine what exactly happened.
  • If there’s a particular feature Mixpanel can’t do (we’d love to hear about what that case is by the way:, you can always feel safe knowing there’s a way to get it. You can avoid having to store the data on your side manually from now on.

Feature highlight

One feature we would like to highlight is the ability to filter on a property
or segment. Not only can you say “I want all the data from this date to this
date” but you can also say “I want all this data from this date to this date
where my property source = google.” Check out the “where” parameter in the
documentation which can handle all kinds of expressions.

As always, please let us know if you run into any problems by emailing

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