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The most popular product upgrades
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The most popular product upgrades

Last edited: Mar 1, 2022 Published: Dec 1, 2020
Mixpanel Team

Here at Mixpanel, we aim to listen to our customers just as we encourage you to listen to yours. That’s why we shipped 92 product upgrades this year alone—and highlighted many of our favorite ones on our social media channels via our popular #WhatsNewWednesday series.

While these product enhancements range from large to small, they all aim to make your experience of using Mixpanel more intuitive, and the products you build as a result more impactful. As 2020 draws to a close, we wanted to highlight, in no particular order, our most popular #WhatsNewWednesday posts of the year (to date) to help you do more with Mixpanel.

1. ID merge

In 2020, we enhanced our identity management system to help customers understand the entire user journey, across devices and login sessions, by merging pre- and post-authenticated event streams under one identifier.

Because people use different devices, or clear their browsing data every so often, companies need a way to accurately account for these changes. Otherwise, they’ll have missing or inaccurate data on individual users. By assigning an individual an “identity cluster”—a collection of distinct_ids that connect to an individual user—Mixpanel’s identity management system gives a holistic view of the user journey. 

For more about ID merge, check out our help doc here.

2. Custom properties

3. Snowflake integration

Snowflake is on fire in 2020—and we are firmly in their corner. Now, you can send data from Mixpanel to Snowflake, combine it with other data sets—like from billing or Salesforce—and run custom analyses.

It’s simple to get started. First, enable the toggle in the Integrations tab. Next, to export Mixpanel data to Snowflake, create a pipeline, and schedule an export job. You can even set up a regular data transfer as a transformed version of the raw data stored in Mixpanel. 

For more information on how to use your shared data, check out our Developer Docs on the subject.

4. Compare user behavior between different cohorts 

In order to grow your business, you need to understand what leads to conversion, drop-off, and other interesting behaviors. Every business is unique in the questions they want to answer, but they share in their need to understand how users are interacting with their product at scale. Our Flows report allows you to take out the guesswork of conversion by comparing user behavior between different cohorts.

The visual nature of our Flows report also enables teams to collaborate and make decisions quickly.

5. Dashboard U/X improvements

If you’re anything like us, you’re glued to your Mixpanel dashboards. As busy product professionals, we know that the seemingly small stuff adds up so we made a few U/X improvements to our dashboards this year.

Now, you can “favorite” your most used dashboards, and easily switch between them. You can also find popular and recently edited dashboards within your team. Finally, you can collapse and expand the side nav so it never gets in your way.

6. Slack app for Mixpanel

Mixpanel makes the ability to answer questions about users self-serve across the company—from product to engineering and growth. The beauty of this is that it promotes collaboration and alignment between teams, helping them align around a single source of truth. 

With our Slack integration, cross-functional collaboration is even easier. Now, you can easily share Mixpanel insights with teammates in Slack—even if they don’t have a Mixpanel account.

The integration is super easy to set up. Just log in to both Mixpanel and Slack, then click “Add to Slack” and then, “Allow.” Then, simply copy/paste any Mixpanel link and it’ll automatically unfurl preview images from key reports.

7. Date picker experience in core reports

Thanks to this nifty update, you can easily run analyses for different time windows. Our new, more intuitive date-picker lets you easily update and edit time selections for your queries, whether rolling or fixed.

For example, you might find in a 7-day Funnel Trends report that there’s a steep drop off in conversion rates in the last few days of the week. But the reason for this isn’t because users who sign up for your product on a Friday aren’t upgrading their accounts—rather, it’s because the fixed time window (i.e. the last 7 days) doesn’t account for days that haven’t yet happened. By shifting your conversion window with our intuitive custom date picker, you can quickly get an accurate picture of conversion trends for your product.

Learn more in the video below.

8. Distinct count of property values

A new operator in our Insights report, “distinct count of property values” lets you calculate the number of property segments for an event.

Now, you can get answers to questions like:

  • How many unique items were added to cart yesterday?
  • How many unique songs / videos were played in the last 30 days?
  • How many unique files were worked on in the last week?

You’ll find much more about this powerful feature in this handy video walkthrough.

9. EU data residency

Mixpanel is now the only product analytics tool with EU data residency.  If you have users in Europe, our EU data residency offering ensures that information can be collected, processed, and stored in a manner that meets European data transfer rules.

How do you make sure you’re using this offering properly? For new customers, it’s as simple as opting-in when you sign up for Mixpanel. For existing customers, Mixpanel can help you migrate all your historical data and set you up in our EU data center.

10. Interactive demo experience

In perhaps our most exciting product enhancements of the year, we launched an interactive demo experience. With this update, users can explore, play, and learn to use Mixpanel with sample datasets from a vertical of their choice. Whether you’re new to Mixpanel or brushing up your skills, we encourage you to take a look around and see what the platform can do.

There’s truly no better way to see just how much our product has evolved than by discovering it for yourself.

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