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Building Block Updates for fall ’23
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Building Block Updates for fall ’23

Last edited: Oct 17, 2023 Published: Oct 13, 2023
Luke Peddemors Product Marketing Manager @ Mixpanel

Last year, we covered the importance of polishing your product’s workflows to refine the value you’ve built for your users. The key message was that incremental features and improvements aren’t meant to create a lot of net new value but instead remove friction from a current product experience and build upon existing value.

Polishing existing workflows is still one of our strongest priorities at Mixpanel, and we take careful consideration into how we can reshape our product to better serve your analysis experience. Our users love Mixpanel’s design, but we didn’t reach this point overnight; it’s taken years of research, prioritization, and refinement to perfect the little details. For example, you can find posts about Mixpanel from long ago on, a site that captures the “finer details” of products.

We’re continuing this quest to incrementally improve Mixpanel’s workflows by introducing our first release of Building Block Updates. These updates are smaller, incremental changes on their own, but together they make a significant difference overall in helping Mixpanel become faster, more intuitive, and a cleaner experience. Check out the details on each below.

Revamped Formulas and new Hide/Unhide capability

  • Formulas now behave like other metrics: After adding a Formula, the original events don’t disappear so you can compare these metrics in the same visualization.
  • If you want to focus on just the Formula, you can hide the original events.
  • You can reorder Formulas to set up your ideal visualization without needing to adjust your Formula.

Workflow improvements in Insights report

  • The default measurement has changed from Total Events to Unique Users, and DAU/WAU/MAU has moved under Unique Users (click on the “>” button).
  • You can set individual metrics to either Rolling or Cumulative mode for easy comparison with other metrics of varying counts. This allows for comparisons that aren’t bottlenecked by needing all metrics to be Rolling or Cumulative. For example, you can set a “target metric” in the same analysis as multiple cumulative metrics to visualize how long it will take for a trend to reach a goal.

Faster workflow for building analysis

  • It now takes one click to build a new report from the analysis you’re iterating on. This preserves the original report and saves the new, edited report on the same Board. This functionality helps you spend less time leaving your workflow to figure out where a new report should live and more time exploring and iterating. 
  • One of the workflows our users love is taking a conversion funnel—like Signup to Purchase—looking at the steps that happened between those two actions using our View as Flow feature, and then switching to Top Paths mode to find the flow users most often take. Now you can instantly pull that Top Path funnel into the Funnels report so that you can leverage all the analysis power that is built into that report—no need to rebuild your funnel from scratch.

The journey towards building a fast and easy-to-use product is a long one, but we find incremental improvements like these to be vital to enhancing the Mixpanel experience. You can follow along with the rest of our updates in our Changelog, and feel free to send us any feedback in our Community.

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