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How Outplay Uses Mixpanel to Build Successful Games

Outplay is an innovative, mobile and social game developer with a mission to create fun games of the highest quality across a wide range of platforms. Outplay decided to use Mixpanel instead of building their own analytics stack because Mixpanel empowers teams to leverage data to understand users and make decisions. As a result, Outplay overcomes competition with successful games that people love.

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Build or buy

Outplay has always known the importance data has in creating awesome games. Though it has always been a high priority, Outplay did not rush into just any analytics solution, but decided to begin the search for a long term, strategic analytics partner.

Outplay tried other analytics solutions, but was frustrated at how overly prescriptive these products were: telling them what to track instead of empowering Outplay’s teams to track what mattered. When Outplay found Mixpanel, it was a perfect fit. Thomas Hulvershorn, Analytics Manager, loves Mixpanel’s flexibility saying, “Mixpanel has a great mix of visualization tools to support our Production teams without the need of having to ask the Analytics department. This self-serve ability enables ad hoc analysis and fast response times.” Mixpanel gave the entire Outplay organization the ease of running real-time reports instantly. While access to the raw data allowed Outplay’s analytics platform to process complex queries and to feed into Outplay’s business intelligence tool set.

Always iterate

The key to building great products is not just to look at the data, but make product decisions based on it. Outplay tests features and makes product decisions based on their Mixpanel insights. For example, in one of their games, players who used a certain feature become more engaged, stayed longer, and purchased repeatedly going forward. Consequently Outplay messaged the value of this feature to their already highly engaged users, which boosted purchases and revenue by up to 25%.

Empower data exploration

Decisions like these are easily and confidently made thanks to Mixpanel. Outplay uses their analytics platform to make decisions about everything: how to keep people excited about their games, how to price in-app purchases, and how to design the seemingly minute details of a game’s tutorial. Thomas explains, “Mixpanel in conjunction with our platform gives us a unique advantage over many gaming companies…we don’t have to worry about the upkeep of a data center or the one-off questions of other [teams] at the organization – everyone is empowered to explore data themselves through Mixpanel’s user-friendly interface.”

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