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Changes to our API endpoint

At the end of March, we are making several updates to our API endpoint.

First, is going global. We’re adding new machines in data centers in Amsterdam and San Jose, CA. These are in addition to our current machines at our data center in Dallas, TX. After this change we will start doing location based DNS to improve response time calls to This means you will get a response from an IP at any one of these three data centers. For example, if you have a customer using your app in the UK, we will only respond with the IP’s in Europe which should cut down average track call by 150 milliseconds. This change will improve our speed and reliability for our all our customers.

Second, once we’ve added the new machines, we will be temporarily taking the five IP’s at our data center in Dallas down for a day for a routine system update. We will remove the set of five IP’s from DNS one day in advance to ensure no data is lost. Once the update in Dallas is complete, we’ll bring the IPs back up.

If you’ve done the standard implementation of Mixpanel, the only impact you’ll see from this update is an increase in speed and reliability. However, if you’ve manually set our IPs or do egress filtering on your firewall you will need to add the new IPs for our Amsterdam and San Jose datacenters to your list. If you have hardcoded our IPs for any backend requests to, you’ll need to remove the Dallas IPs from your list during the system update. Contact the solutions team at to get the list of IP’s and the exact timing.

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