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Community Tip: Codeless Event Tracking for iOS & Android

Last edited: Dec 10, 2017

This Community Tip will walk you through setting up Mixpanel’s codeless event tracking. This is the quickest and easiest way to get started tracking events in your iOS or Android mobile app. If your app already has the Mixpanel SDK installed, you will be able to start tracking events immediately, without re-submitting to the app store!

The screenshots below are iOS but everything discussed here will apply to both iOS and Android. As long as you have the Mixpanel SDK installed in your app and it’s being properly initialized, you’re ready to go. If you need a reminder on how to initialize the library, here are the steps for iOS and Android.

Getting connected

The first thing to do is launch your app in the simulator or on a device. For demonstration purposes, I’ll be using my awesome trivia app, Trvl (pronounced “Trivial”). Once it’s open, navigate to your Mixpanel project, click your name in the upper righthand corner, and click “Set up tracking.”


Next, choose your platform. If you’ve launched a debug build the app should connect automatically and the screen will appear in your browser. If you’re working with a release or production build, then you’ll need to hold 4 fingers on the screen for around several seconds (or option+click and hold in the simulator) to open the connection. If you’re having trouble connecting, make sure your phone has a network connection and that your network supports WebSockets (as some organizations block WebSocket traffic).

Creating events

Once your app is connected the screen will show up in your browser, and you’ll be able to select elements for tracking. To see all the elements that can be tracked, click the icon with two overlapping squares in the upper right corner.

codeless tracking - step 2

Select an element, give it an event name, something intuitive and readable, and then press the return key. The event name should appear in the column on the right-hand side and you’re ready to proceed. Navigate to another screen in your app, come back to the browser, choose some more elements and give them event names.

codeless tracking - step 3

Finally, once you’ve got all of your events entered, you must click the “Deploy” button to complete the process. If you’ve created new events or made some changes to existing ones and you’re not seeing them, check to make sure you’ve deployed.

codeless tracking - step 4

Instantly once you click deploy, your events are live! Going forward, when users open your app the event bindings will be downloaded from Mixpanel and tracked. You can edit and delete event bindings by clicking on them in the column on the right hand side (don’t forget to re-deploy).

codeless tracking - edit & deleted

That’s all there is to it! No coding and no app review necessary!

Any questions? Email us at to speak with someone smart, quickly.

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