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Community Tip: Downstream Effects of Notifications

Last edited: Feb 25, 2022

Mixpanel Notifications are a powerful way to boost re-engagement with your site or app. In this Community Tip, we’ll discuss how to gauge the downstream effectiveness of your campaigns by analyzing how and to what degree they promote key user actions.

Creating Notification Campaigns

Before getting started with Mixpanel Notifications, you’ll need to create user profiles and set specific people properties to target your users. Push notifications also require that your app is correctly configured to receive pushes, and that you have the Apple Push Certificate and/or Android GCM API Key uploaded to your project. For reference, here are the guides for the creation of each type of notification:

Notification Analytics

The Analytics tab next to your specific campaigns provides a quick snapshot of how many users were sent your notification over time across all variants. Tracking open rates for emails and push notifications allows you to see the percentage of users who opened your messages upon receiving them as well:


Through Notification Analytics, you can examine the percentage of users who converted to a specific event after they were sent the notification (up to 30 days ago). You can also benchmark the original message against variants to determine which of your specific notifications resulted in superior conversions towards a specific goal:


Engagement Reports

The true power in analyzing the success of your campaigns lies in the ability to leverage notifications in any of Mixpanel’s Engagement Reports. Sent notifications produce an event (“$campaign_delivery”, labeled as “Notification Sent” in the events dropdown) with an attached property to describe the specific campaign (“campaign_id”, labeled as “Campaign” in the property dropdown). You can then select the specific notification that you want to include in your Engagement report:



Segmentation reports allow you to view the total amount of notifications sent over time. You can slice and dice your notifications with astounding granularity using any of your super properties or people properties. How many of my users were sent an active notification this week? Where are most of my user located who received this campaign? As with any volume analysis question, it can be answered with Segmentation:



Targeted notifications are aimed at promoting specific user actions that tie into your business goals. Whether you’re reaching out to unactivated users, contacting dormant customers, or encouraging purchases with coupons, Funnels are a great indication of the success of your campaigns. If your intention is to promote immediate engagement, you can restrict the time to convert of your funnel to see how quickly your users achieved the goal of your notification:



First-time Retention reports allow you to see if your campaign results in sustained, long-term activity from your users. Maybe you’ve redesigned your app and want your customers to check out all of the changes. Why not see how sticky your new and improved app is with retention analysis:


We wouldn’t be Mixpanel if we didn’t provide you a data-driven approach to determine how effective your notifications campaigns are.

Any questions about how to maximize the potential of your targeted notifications to encourage user re-engagement? Reach out to to speak to someone smart, quickly.

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