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Importing People Profiles and email tools

This Community Tip will outline how to import your external mailing lists into Mixpanel People profiles.

Are you a marketing guru that depends on a certain monkey-related e-mail tool or other email marketing service providers? Mixpanel makes it easy to import these users’ email addresses, names, unsubscribe status, and other details as People properties into your Mixpanel project. You can then use these details as targeting criteria to group users and send them tailored messages to increase the likelihood of a response or downstream action. Impress your users by demonstrating how well you really know them!

Most mailing tools allow you to export your users to a CSV. A little manipulation will optimize this CSV for importing into your Mixpanel project. No code required!

1) Add a $distinct_id column

The first property that you will want to consider is $distinct_id. You can assign any value you like for $distinct_id such as email address, username, or an internal identifier you may have. The best practice is to use a value that’s available at login to your website or app (e.g. username or the user id from your backend). If you use email as the distinct_id, make sure you are careful with capital letters — all values in Mixpanel are case sensitive! Once you select an appropriate $distinct_id in the context of your project, you will want to add a column in your CSV with this information and “$distinct_id” in the header row.

2) Take advantage of Special Properties

Mixpanel reserves a handful of people properties as special properties. These properties will allow you more flexibility and functionality within the Mixpanel web application. For example, if you are interested in utilizing Mixpanel’s notification capabilities, you will need to include an ‘$email’ property. Other special properties include ‘$first_name’, ‘$last_name’, ‘$username’, and ‘$phone’. The full list of special properties can be found here.

3) Describe your users with spreadsheet functions

Before you import your users, why not add a few more properties that will increase your targeting power within Mixpanel. For example, interested in tracking your Beta users independently of your newer users? Add a ‘Beta’ property based on Sign Up Date using the INDEX function in Excel. The VLOOKUP function will come in handy when adding properties, as well.

Once your People properties are reformatted and your CSV is ready to go, you can jump into the Explore tab in your Mixpanel project and use the CSV importer which is 100% visual. No code!

You are now fully equipped to analyze your valuable users and remind them why they’re so special to you using powerful notification targeting.

If you have any questions on how to get the most out of Mixpanel’s People Analytics, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to to speak with someone smart, quickly.

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