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Data Driven Conference 2013: Come learn from the best

The Data Driven Conference is almost here. We’re bringing together some of the smartest data-driven people we know to share their insights on the data driven approach and how it’s shaping everything from investments to product development, customer engagement and much more.

We’ve already announced our first three featured speakers and today, we’re excited to reveal the full agenda for DDC2013. Check out the full agenda below. Want to be a part of DDC2013? Register now.

Data Driven Conference 2013

When: Wednesday July 31, 2-6 PM.
Where: Mixpanel HQ, 799 Market Street, 7th floor, San Francisco

2:30PM–Fireside: Putting Data to Work

Max Levchin, co-founder of PayPal & Slide, in conversation with Kara Swisher, AllThingsD

3:00PM–Fireside: Influence of Data on Design

Dave Morin, co-founder & CEO of Path, in conversation with Cliff Kuang, Wired

3:45PM–Fireside: Big Data & Enterprise

Aaron Levie, co-founder & CEO of Box, in conversation with Christina Farr, VentureBeat

4:15PM–In Conversation: Unlocking Mobile Data: From Ads to Engagement

The mobile platform created a new opportunity for companies and a unique set of challenges. The companies that are winning on mobile have capitalized on those differences–from product development to customer acquisition to measuring success. Learn from the people that have cracked a data-driven approach to mobile to overcome the two great challenges: acquiring and keeping engaged customers.

Chris Lambert, Head of Product & Engineering Lyft
Christian Wiklund, Founder & CEO at Skout
Lucas Brown, CPO & Founder at HasOffers
Omar Hamoui, Partner at Sequoia Capital and Founder, AdMob
Moderated by Nicole Leverich from Mixpanel

4:45PM–In Conversation: The Secret Weapon Every Start-Up Should Use: Data

Every startup begins with a vision, but the ones that win develop truly useful and unique experiences for customers. Start-up face endless scaling challenges and opportunities, making it difficult to decide which products and audiences to prioritize next. The smart start-ups have discovered that their own data is their secret weapon – and not just for funding.

Stan Chudnovsky, VP of Growth at PayPal
Adam D’Angelo, co-founder at Quora
Jared Fliesler, General Partner at Matrix Partners
Patrick Collison, co-founder at Stripe
Moderated by JP Mangalindan from Fortune

5:15PM–In Conversation: Doubling Down on Data: The Investors’ Perspective

Start-up begin with a great idea and team, but their success or failure are told in the data they generate. Are they acquiring customers? How engaged are their customers? Learn what some of the leading venture capitalists look for as they make investment decisions and mentor companies from start-up to success. And, on the flip side what are the ?BS? metrics to avoid.

Frank Chen, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
Josh Elman, Partner at Greylock Partners
Keith Rabois, Partner at Khosla Ventures
Moderated by Ari Levy from Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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