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Data means nothing, until you do something

Suhail Doshi

Just collecting and storing data wonÂ’’t make your company successful. You need to put your data to work. But with so much data at your fingertips, where to start?

The Data Driven Conference 2013 is the first event to bring together a selection of the smartest, most data driven execs in tech for an afternoon of unscripted conversations on how they’ve used data to solve challenges facing their business and share some of the lessons theyÂ’’ve learned the hard way. DDC2013 has been designed to create opportunities for attendees to learn how to become data driven from the best.

We’ve lined up an amazing slate of speakers including Max Levchin, Co-founder of PayPal and Slide; Dave Morin, Co-founder & CEO of Path; and Aaron Levie, Co-founder & CEO of Box. Visit the DDC2013 to get an overview of the content we have lined up for the event.

DDC2013 will take place on Wednesday July 31, 2013 from 2:00-6:00 PM at Mixpanel HQ in San Francisco. Only a limited number of tickets will be available for sale and we expect them to go fast, so register today.

Join us for DDC2013 and learn how to become data driven.

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