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Data on the tablet battleground

Tablets are the new battleground in tech and to understand what’s happening in the tablet market you need data. We’ve added two new reports to Mixpanel Trends to give insight into consumer activity on tablets and which tablets they are using the most.

Desktop vs mobile vs tablet activity report:

In the past 10 months tablet’s share of total activity has increased 3%. While it’s a relatively small rise in total numbers, it is a clear demonstration that more and more consumers are using tablet devices. You can use this report to watch tablet activity over the Christmas holiday in real time. Will there be a big spike in activity as consumer unwrap their new devices? How quickly will tablets steal share from desktop and/or in 2014? Check out the report here.

Top tablets report:

With the growth in tablet activity, the next obvious question is which ones are people using the most? Marketshare data generally focused on devices shipped. But a better measure is what are the tablets that consumers have in hand. First thing to note is that over the past 10 months consumer activity has shifted to include a wider spread of devices.

In February the iPad 2 was the dominant tablet with 42% of activity, followed by the iPad 3 with 20% and the Galaxy Note with 20% of total tablet activity. Jump to November and the percentage share of activity on both the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 activity has dropped–11% for the iPad 2 and 5% for the iPad 3. While the percentage share the Galaxy Note commanded dropped 3% from February to November, it’s position jumped from the number three tablet (after the iPad 2 and iPad3) to the number two tablet in terms of total activity. Check out the report here.

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