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Data Snapshot: Apple’s World

Last edited: Jan 23, 2021

Before you dive into the live blogs of Apple’s event this morning to see if the rumored new versions of the iPhone are true, it’s worth understanding the state of the Apple & iOS world today. This Data Snapshot looks at activity on Apple devices worldwide on Monday, September 9, 2013.

Device Mix

Today’s Apple announcement will likely add new devices to their portfolio, a huge potential opportunity to reach more customers globally. Today, all their mobile & tablet activity is spread across just three — iPad at 60% of total activity, iPhone at total activity 33%, and iPod Touch at just 7% of activity.

OS Versions

While we are still more than a week away from the planned release of iOS 7, it’s been in developers hands for several months now and we are starting to see measurable activity. Yesterday (Sept. 9) 1.5% of all iOS activity is on iOS 7.0. It’s worth noting that iOS 7.0.1 has popped up, the level of activity is too low to be measurable–but it’s there.

To get more detail on the iOS version share yesterday visit Mixpanel Trends.

iOS vs Android

While there may be more Android devices in market, iOS devices continue to generate more activity. As of yesterday, 58% of all activity on mobile & tablet devices was generated by iOS devices compared to 41% from Android devices. And these percentages have remained fairly constant over the past six months.

To dive into more detail visit the Android vs iOS report on Mixpanel Trends.

Opportunity for Developers

Along with new devices, Apple will undoubtedly add new features and functionality. This always creates new opportunities for application developers. As of yesterday the five verticals that drive the most activity on iPhones are (in order) Media, social, photo/video, finance, and ecommerce. It’s slightly different on iPads with the top five verticals as of yesterday being Photo/video, media, travel, finance, ecommerce.

If you are interested in more Apple data, it’s also worth taking a quick read of John Koetsier’s story in VentureBeat yesterday on the worldwide distribution of smartphones. Now onto the live blogs!

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