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Data Snapshot: Browser share on desktop

Mixpanel is as data driven as we encourage our customers to be. We focus on One Key Metric (OKM) and track a core set of metrics on our business. But we also sit on top of a large set of data based on the more than 6.5 billion actions we analyze each month we have interesting insights into consumer behavior and the devices they use to access web sites and apps. Based on the positive feedback on the data snapshot we shared at Christmas, we’re going to start sharing aggregate insights from this data set on a more regular basis.

In this first data snapshot we focused on the browsers used by consumers to access the Internet from their desktop or laptop computer. Given how simple it is for a consumer to download and start using a new web browser on their computer, it’s a clear area where consumer choice rules.

This snapshot of web browser share uses data from the week of Wednesday, February 13 through Wednesday, February 20, 2013. During this week the top web browser used by consumers on their desktop and/or laptop computer was Chrome with 39% of all the desktop actions Mixpanel analyzed globally. Safari had the next highest share with 21%, Internet Explorer with 19% and finally Firefox with 18% of actions.

When we segmented actions by browser share and by Operating System (OS) we found a clear difference in between computers running Microsoft Windows OS and the Mac OS. On desktop computers running the Microsoft Windows OS Chrome was the #1 browser with 42% of actions, IE was next with 37% and Firefox rounded out the top three with 19% of actions.

It’s a different story on desktop Apple devices. Safari was the #1 browser on desktop and laptop computers running versions of the Mac OS with 53% of actions, Chrome was next with 32% and Firefox rounded out the top three with 13%.

The barrier to change on desktop browsers is lower than ever before. It’s very simple for consumers to download and start using a new browser on their desktop or laptop computer, so this data snapshot provides good insight into their choices today. It will be interesting to watch how browser share on desktop changes over time.

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