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Data Snapshot: iPads, the weekend device

While tablets resemble mobile phones in many ways, they are a distinct class of devices that have unique usage patterns. This Data Snapshot takes a look at activity levels on iPads and iPhones by day of the week to get a better understanding of how consumers are actually using these distinct devices.

iPad Peaks & Valleys: Most Often Used on Saturday and Sunday

Activity levels on iPads have a clear pattern of big peaks in activity on the weekend and low valleys during the workweek. In other words, consumers are picking up and using their iPads on the weekend. The days with the consistently lowest activity levels are Thursday and Friday. And the days with the consistently highest levels of activity are Saturday and Sunday. But even within the weekend, Sunday has a consistently higher level of activity. There are also big single day spikes on Sunday, April 7 and Sunday, April 21 outside of the usual pattern of activity that are possibly given by major news or entertainment events.

iPhones Peak Wednesday through Friday

There are clear peaks and valleys of consumer activity on iPhones, but not to the same extreme as seen on iPads. The peak and valley days are also different and not as consistent. Generally, iPhone activity levels peak in the second half of the work week–Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. But there also clear spikes on weekend days. Bottom line, iPhones are an everyday device, whereas the iPad as a weekend device.

It should be noted that as Mixpanel is growing quickly–we now analyze 12+ billion actions each month and are growing at a rate of more 1+ billion events a month–and we see that reflected in our data. Over the past three months the volume of daily activity across both iPhones and iPads has increased rapidly, but the trends in usage by day of the week have stayed constant.

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