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Deeper user insights with our partners

Last edited: Mar 1, 2022
Emi Tabb

Our latest suite of integrations brings data into Mixpanel, making it possible to discover deeper user insights and then take action accordingly.  With help from our partners, we’re setting up Mixpanel users to target their marketing efforts, answer more complex questions, and automate the tedious process of transferring data.

Power targeted campaigns with Marketo and Urban Airship integrations

Our new partnerships with Marketo and Urban Airship allow Mixpanel users to build more effective campaigns. Cohorts of users created in Mixpanel  – for example, a group of users who have all watched a video in the past two weeks – can then be exported to Marketo or Urban Airship, allowing marketers to send out content that’s tailored to an individual’s interests or behavior. 


Join Mixpanel data with external sources to answer tougher questions

Mixpanel’s turnkey Salesforce and Zendesk integrations, along with our Datasets API, make it possible to bring in data collected by sales, support, and other organizations. Rather than relying on siloed data, teams can connect their data sources and develop a holistic view of every user. As a result, they can answer more complex questions, like, “Which product features used during a free trial make a prospect more likely to close?” and then use those insights to impact business outcomes. 

Access 1,000 new integrations through Zapier

With our Zapier integration, Mixpanel can now connect to over 1,000 web tools, including Twitter, Wootric, SurveyMonkey, Slack, Stripe, and Braintree. By automating the data transfer process, Mixpanel’s integration with Zapier helps unify customer profiles quickly and enhances the rich behavioral analysis our users do regularly.  

We built a new Mixpanel user interface – try it out

We’ve redesigned Mixpanel to give it a more intuitive look and feel. The redesign helps our users find the features they’re looking for more quickly while opening up more space to build the reports they use regularly. 

Along the way, we made some smaller improvements to our key reports

Insights: Users can now load 1,500 property values, allowing them more flexibility to build complex reports. To organize and better understand the data, results can then be sorted into numerical buckets.

Messages: The new standardization of ID mapping for Messages data keeps reports consistent. This update ensures a cleaner analysis, setting up Mixpanel users to better analyze the effectiveness of their communication within other engagement reports.  

Funnels: To speed up the process of creating different versions of existing funnels, we made it possible to duplicate funnels with a single click. Mixpanel users can now create new funnels with the exact same parameters of the original, allowing them to edit more quickly. 

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing additional integrations and improvements to help teams develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of their users. Stay up to date by subscribing to the blog.

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