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eCommerce activity on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

This holiday weekend is the official kick off to the holiday shopping season and according to Forrester Research online sales are expected to grow 15% year over year (visit the good folks at AllThingsD for more on the Forrester Report).

But you don’t need to wait to find out how active US consumers are online on the big shopping days of black Friday and cyber Monday. We’ve added a new Black Friday and cyber Monday report to Mixpanel Trends to let you follow the spikes in eCommerce activity in the US as they happen. As of this afternoon, activity is already up 19% over this time last week.

This new report features a week over week comparison of US eCommerce activity. Hover over the lines to see the percent difference in activity between this long holiday weekend and the previous week.Note that the time/dates in the report are PST.

Our Trends reports are based on an aggregated set of the more than 16 billion actions analyzed by Mixpanel each month. In Mixpanel, an action is defined by our customers and can be anything from logging in to an app to making a purchase or finishing a level in a game. This report features an aggregated set of US activity on mobile apps and websites in the eCommerce vertical.

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