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Analyzing: Empires & Allies in-game funnel

Suhail Doshi

Zynga’s new game Empires & Allies currently has 44,541,255 monthly active users and is growing quickly. We’re going to highlight some tricks they use in their funnel to drive growth and engagement amongst their users.

Step 1: Introduction video

One of the first thing Zynga does is show an intro video to the user to give
them an idea of what the game is about.

Step 2: Episode 1

Zynga has introduced the idea of Episodes that users will progress through to
keep them engaged.

Step 3: Clear ways to decide what to do next and learn gameplay

This is no longer new but Zynga has taken a great deal of effort to help users
understand what to do next and ultimately teach them how to use parts of the
game’s UI at least to start. Tutorials are far more interactive and simply
feel like game play.

Step 4: Instant gratification

Leveling up in Empires & Allies is very fast to keep users ultimately
engaged. The key here is this is the first virality point for this game to get
your friends to start playing.

Here’s an example of what happens on your profile:

Step 5: Continuing education

As you progress through the game you are still learning basic things like
fighting. We’ve found game tutorials like these where users simply point and
click to progress to have 95%+ conversion rates all the way through. This is
generally the case even if there are 20+ steps.

Step 6: Far more engaging experiences

In Empires & Allies you’re able to engage in the battle as opposed to simply
just clicking a button and seeing the battle end. There is far greater
immersion into the game play though it’s fairly subtle and still dumbed down.

Step 7: Rewards

A common theme appears to be rewarding users and getting them to subsequently
do something that gets their friends involved to increase virality. Note the
copy used to convince you.

Step 8: Quick progression

Progression through the first introductory episode was fast and appears by

Step 9: Continued rewards

Zynga asks you to name your empire far later. The idea of rewards is used to
convince you to do tedious tasks like naming your empire and sharing it with

Other points of virality the game pushes you towards include mystery gifting:

Building this funnel with Mixpanel

Every step is essentially an event. With Mixpanel, you can build your funnels
off the events you send us at a later time.

  1. mpq.track(“Watched Intro Video”);
  2. mpq.track(“Ep 1 interstitial”);
  3. mpq.track(“Built barracks”);
  4. mpq.track(“Reached level 2”);

For every step track an action in your code base somewhere. Have any
questions? Email and we’ll help you further.

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