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Engagement Analytics vs People Analytics

At Mixpanel we want the world to learn from its data. Our core Engagement Analytics service gives companies the ability to understand how people use their product. They can define the events on their site that matter to their business and measure them over time. Companies pick the specific events to measure–be it when a purchase is made, an article is read, a game is played–then create a funnel analysis to improve conversions, a retention report to understand how valuable people find their site or just look at changing trends in user behavior.

But data is more than just events, it’s also people. So we launched People analytics in July to give companies the ability to understand who their users are. This product focuses on the user, instead of the event. This gives companies an unparalleled ability to dive deeply into their user base to understand their various attributes, and most importantly reach out to them.

In essence, the Engagement analytics focuses on event-based data over time and People analytics gives a snapshot of users right now. Right now these are separate services and companies should decide which is the most useful for their business. Or both.

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