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Community Tip: Filter Reports by User IDs

Have you ever wanted to filter your reports down to a specific user or set of users? Customers often want to filter by user IDs without going to raw data. Still others hope to keep track of aliased IDs to compare to their internal data stores. This Community Tip will help you tweak your implementation to filter by user ID in about five minutes!

Setting your unique identifier as a Super Property

In Segmentation, when we segment by a particular property, the report gives us a tally of how many times the event was fired with each and every property. To find how many times each of your users fired a particular event, we want to include their username, user ID, Email address, or other unique identifier with every tracked event.

Our best practice recommendation is the add this ID as a Super Property, which ensures that the property will be sent with every subsequent event (given that the cookie is not cleared). We will typically want to do this when the user logs-in to your app.

For instance, in Javascript:

mixpanel.register({"User ID": "22546"});

or in iOS:

[mixpanel registerSuperProperties:@{@"User ID": @"22546"}];

Filter or Segment by the Unique ID Property

After calling this, future the events will be sent with the property “User ID” with the value of “22546”.

This will then allow us to create Segmentation reports that can show us how many times each of your users fired the event like so:

Email as a Super Property in Segmentation

Although our graph can only show the top 12 segments, you can always Export the full report to CSV and get a long (up to 10000!) list of all your users and how many times each of them fired the event in the given date range.

This filtering will also be available across all Engagement reports including Funnels and Retention.

For anyone interested in learning more about our best practices, feel free to reach out to to speak to someone smart, quickly.

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