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How Fleksy Fell In Love With Data By Using Mixpanel

This is a guest blog post by Derek, Fleksy’s Head of Product Marketing


I have a confession: there was a time when data and I didn’t get along.

I’m a brand marketing guy at heart, and my data-related technical skills are limited. Luckily, I have pretty good instincts. For years, I often viewed heavy data-diving as an aggravating drain on my time. Interpreting data? No problem. Manipulating it? Big problem.

I would spend hours slicing data on Google Analytics, Flurry or other tools in every way possible, but more often than not I couldn’t find the key insight I really wanted. The only way I could extract meaningful insights was to task a database engineer/analyst to manipulate raw data to fit my needs. If I needed to make a quick decision, I had no choice but to trust my gut.

At Fleksy, we’re building the fastest and most fun keyboard app in the world, and we’re iterating rapidly to do so. As a small team, we can’t afford to spend countless hours chasing after data. My number one priority when I started here was to find an analytics platform that was not only powerful, but usable.

We’ve tried other analytics platforms in the past, but they always fell short. We needed a solution that gave us the data we wanted, segmented our data in depth, or was friendly to casual users like myself.

Mixpanel excelled in every way. We finally found a solution that did all three. When I no longer needed a technical expert to help me, I fell in love with data.

With Mixpanel’s event-based tracking, I can track and easily interpret relevant data. Sometimes validating data can take as long as analyzing it. When I’m not sure of something, the amazing Mixpanel Support Team can always help me figure things out through a five-minute chat.

Beside revenue, customer retention is probably the most important metric for a mobile app company. It blows me away that so few analytics platforms report it well, if at all. Do you want to know how to measure retention on Google Analytics? Just search “google analytics retention” and follow the instructions in the top result – it’s only a seven-step, 750+ word explanation of the necessary calculations. How about retention by cohort? No can do. With Mixpanel, you just click on Retention and that’s it.

Mixpanel has empowered me to manipulate data in ways I couldn’t before. When one of our founders asks me a question, I can pull the answer immediately and display it in an easily digestible format without breaking a sweat. The other day, I was curious whether we retain Russian language users better than US English users, and I found the answer in two minutes. On other platforms, similar questions would take me days and engineering resources. Now we use Mixpanel to create complex LTV models, identify major acquisition funnel improvements, and detect high-value user segments to inform our product roadmap.

There’s so much to like about Mixpanel, but to me, it really comes down to the fact that it’s so easy to use. I could go on … but I’ve got a date with data.

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