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Impress your boss with this email data

Justin Megahan

A handful of weeks ago we published “Why do people open emails?,” a breakdown of how email subject lines affect open rates. And people seemed to really appreciate the data-driven approach to email open rates.

We all have so many questions about subject lines. Is my subject line to long? Am I being too formal? Can I use exclamation points? Should I not use the word “free”? Now you can have answers.

We’ve expanded the series into a follow-up on the benefits of informal language, turned it into a webinar, co-hosted with our friends at AdRoll, and presented to those who joined us at our August Mixpanel Office Hours.

But if you haven’t seen the talk yet, you’re in luck. Today we’re releasing the complete slide deck from our “Why do people open emails?” talk. So give it a quick flip-through and start impressing your boss with improved email open rates.

Photograph by Andrew Taylor, made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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