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Increases in reliability and speed of Notifications

Neil Rahilly VP Product & Design @ Mixpanel

In the four months since we released Notifications (formerly Engage), we’ve made a number of significant improvements on the backend. Most of these updates are not visible in the UI. Instead, our customers have likely noticed increases in the reliability and speed of the email and push notification campaigns they send out.

Updates to Notifications include:

  • Improved email deliverability. We’ve deployed two new, beefed-up email delivery machines and added a new block of 32 new IP’s to send emails from. We’ve also improved the speed and accuracy of our bounce and spam feedback processing software. (Tip: Take a look at the “Bounced”, “Bounce Category”, “Bounce Notification” or “Marked Spam” properties on your users in Explore.)
  • Parallelized delivery. To speed up all types of campaigns, we updated our base campaign sending software to break big campaigns into smaller batches. These batches are then sent out in parallel, which lets us send many more deliveries in a smaller window of time. Now push campaigns to hundreds of thousands of users go out in a matter of minutes.
  • More resilient push campaigns. A lot of things can go wrong when sending push notifications. We’ve invested a great deal of time over the past couple of months in learning how to handle errors as intelligently as possible, including building a much more sophisticated system of scheduled retries. We now also automatically notify our solutions team of any invalid or duplicate device tokens encountered in the delivery of a customers campaign, this lets them work directly with our customers to fix them.

These improvements are part of our iterative approach to product development. We are continuing to focus on speed and expect to make delivery even faster. Watch for more updates over the coming weeks.

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