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Insights are just the start

Suhail Doshi

For the past three years, we have been building the most advanced analytics product for mobile and web, with a goal of helping cutting edge companies gain insights that will grow their business. The response has been phenomenal. Today Mixpanel has more than 580 mobile and web companies analyzing 6.2 billion actions every month to understand how their combined 27 million customers use their products.

Data is great, but we know smart businesses don’t stop when they gain insights from data. We are not going to stop either. Today weÂ’re excited to announce a new way for businesses to act on the insights they gain from their data by communicating with their customers.

Until now it’s been too complex, and too time-consuming for companies to connect with their users in a personal and meaningful way. So, they’Â’re reduced to blanketing their customers with the same communication instead of tailoring their messages to their different customer segments. The result is consumers get too many emails from companies that are just not relevant to them–so they tune out.

For example, the developer of a game app could want to notify its users who beat every level that new levels have been added. Without Mixpanel Engage, the developer would have to send emails to everyone who uses the app, even those who have not completed the game or have stopped playing altogether. Or to get a more targeted list, they’d have an engineer run a one-time query for all users that have beat all levels, generate a list and then send a one-off email to each of those users. This time consuming approach results in a list that is out of date five minutes after it is created.

We are squarely aiming to solve this problem with the launch of Mixpanel Engage.

Engage marries data driven insights with easy-to-automate notifications that are different because they are relevant. Simply put, Engage lets businesses target the right message, at the right time, to the right customers – via emails or push notifications. It’s not about sending more messages to customers, it’s about making those messages more relevant. We also give companies the ability to directly measure the exact impact of their marketing, instead of relying on open rates that tell a very limited story.

The flexible targeting available in Engage, combined with the ability to automate and schedule notifications, optimizes the relevancy of the message, which increases user retention and loyalty. Now that game developer can specifically target its fans immediately after they conquer the last level. A fashion app can let fans of a specific designer know their new line is available. And a travel site can notify their users that have only searched for flights, that they also can search for hotels.

In a world of thousands of apps and websites competing for users’ attention, Engage will help companies stand out from the pack, and grow their business. And for consumers, it means theyÂ’ll have a better experience, that feels tailored to them.

WeÂ’re excited for our People Analytics users to start using Engage today for no additional charge. We’ll continue to refine and hone the product based on feedback from our customers, and we plan on building additional features and functionality, including potentially integrating third party marketing automation companies into the product.

Our mission is to help the world analyze, learn from and act on the data that matters most and we’re just getting started.

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