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Introducing Custom Funnel Windows

Since its introduction, the Funnels tool has always been an incredibly simple and powerful way to measure the success of your most vital processes. Mixpanel users have measured flows for signups, purchases, viral invites, and virtually any other user engagement flow you can think of. Today, we’ve made them even better, by adding a feature with a small UI footprint, but massive implications for the flexibility of Funnels. We’re proud to announce Custom Funnel Windows!

Custom Funnel Selector

By default, Funnels have a “length”, or window, of 30 days. In other words, after a user enters your funnel by completing the “Step 1” event within the desired date range, he or she has the next 30 days to complete any subsequent steps and be “counted” by the funnel as a conversion. In the past, you could always adjust this by accessing our Funnels API (the ‘length’ parameter can be adjusted to be any length between 1 and 60 days), but for the vast majority of distinct user processes, a 30 day window was a suitable time limit.

But what if you wanted a shorter time limit? Maybe you want to see how many users create content within a week after registering, or see who invites friends on their first day, or see how many users are completing your game’s Tutorial within 5 minutes. Now, you can answer these types of questions and more by specifying how much time you want to give your users for them to count as a successful conversion. Funnels can now adapt to the fast-paced needs of your app or website, giving you insight into the speedy conversions that really matter to you.

Mixpanel being Mixpanel, Custom Funnel Windows are extremely easy to set up. For any questions, however, you can always write into to talk to someone smart, quickly. For related reading, see Funnels Best Practices and How Funnels are Calculated.

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