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Introducing Mixpanel’s Solution Partner Program

Charlie Windschill

User behavior analytics is crucial to innovation and growth. With the right strategy, stack, and implementation, analytics can help break down organizational silos by making customer knowledge more accessible to every team. But lack of expertise or resources can prevent companies of any size from identifying and implementing the flexible analytics solution they need.

That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of Mixpanel’s official solution partner program, dedicated to connecting our customers with a network of analytics experts.

Connect your data, systems, and people with guidance from certified solution partners

Our global network of certified partners provides a range of services to Mixpanel customers including Vivino, Ancestry, EmployBridge and more. Services include:

  • Growth and analytics consulting: Work with experts in designing the digital transformation, growth, and analytics strategies needed to fuel acquisition and retention initiatives.
  • Implementation services: Get technical support for complex data architectures and to de-bug components beyond Mixpanel from solution partners with expertise across the entire data stack including Braze, Zendesk, Segment, Appsflyer, and others.  
  • Product-focused services: Optimize your product features to achieve key objectives and wow your customers with partners who have created apps and products for companies like 3M, Audi, and BBC.

Find a certified partner by visiting our complete directory, or reach out to

Mixpanel customers have already seen benefits from strategic and technical support of certified solution partners

Bjoern Sjut, the Founder and Managing Director of Premier solution partner Finc3, works with clients who leverage his agency’s growth and implementation expertise combined with Mixpanel’s analytics platform. When TV Spielfilm – a top video-on-demand service in Germany – needed an analytics solution to understand and take action based on user behavior across all online platforms, Bjoern’s team recommended Mixpanel.

“We like Mixpanel because it provides really actionable insights,” said Bjoern. They implemented Mixpanel so key stakeholders in the product and marketing departments could make better decisions based on real data–not just a gut feeling.

Become a certified solution partner

Agencies and consultants who work with Mixpanel grow their business by providing their customers with accessible, actionable user analytics. In addition to becoming certified as a Mixpanel expert with customized training and dedicated partner manager support, solution partners get access to tiered co-marketing benefits.

Partners can quickly expand their engagement with existing clients and offer services to Mixpanel’s 20K+ global customers as a certified partner.

Brad Millet, Senior Analytics Strategist at Blast Analytics & Marketing, says Mixpanel has been instrumental in meeting clients’ complex reporting needs and supporting robust analytics strategies.

“We think Mixpanel is a more effective solution than other analytics tools that we’ve worked with in the past when it comes to product analytics,” Brad says. “It’s easy to ask many questions and look at the data from a lot of different angles.”

We continue to expand our network of certified partners. Get more information and apply to join the program

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