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Introducing Predict – see who will convert, before they do.

Last edited: Mar 2, 2022

Mixpanel has deprecated Predict. Read more here.

Predict lets you know which of your users are going to convert, or not, before they do. Just select an action and, based on users’ previous behavior, you’ll get a grade on how likely each user is to complete it. Then target users by their grade. Like reaching out to those less likely to convert and giving them a nudge in the right direction.

And starting today, Mixpanel Predict is live for all customers using People Analytics.

Use Predict to impact leading metrics

Use Mixpanel’s predictive analytics to learn whether your app’s users will convert. You can define what converting means for your company as any action or event in Mixpanel – even the number of times it was done. Pick an important action that leads to success for your app (commonly called a leading metric).

So if you have a photo sharing app, you probably want to know who is going to share a picture. Or who won’t, so you can nudge users. Predict is perfect for improving leading metrics, like a user completing seven Photo Upload events in thirty days.

There is nothing to set up or configure. It uses the data you’re already sending to Mixpanel to assign each user a grade for the probability to convert. Then, the photo app’s team can use any of Mixpanel’s targeted notifications like push or in app messages to target users who are unlikely to convert.

Machine learning in 30 seconds

Getting started with Predictive analytics takes less than 30 seconds. If it’s your first time, visit the Notifications tab and click on “Get Started” in the banner. No coding or configuration is required.

Simply select your conversion goal, and your results will be ready in moments (we’ll send you an email). That’s all!

Going forward, you can access the Predict Report from the Applications sidebar menu to change the conversion goal or view your results. Mixpanel will continue to update the model automatically, and mark your newly converted users.

Send automatic marketing notifications based on grades

Predict assigns each user a grade based on the likelihood of conversion in the next 30 days.


  • A – Likely to convert
  • B – Will possibly convert
  • C – Marginal chance to convert
  • D – Unlikely to convert
  • Converted – This user has converted

Use the Predict Grade property in Explore or Notifications to target any of Mixpanel’s targeted notifications without any set up. For example, drive conversions with a push notification, an in-app message, or an email.

You can also segment and filter using these properties in other reports to understand your users more deeply than ever before.

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