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iOS 9 adoption hits 12% after 24 hours
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iOS 9 adoption hits 12% after 24 hours

Last edited: Dec 10, 2017

After only 24 hours, and despite the usual delays caused by early adopters rushing to download the latest release from Apple, over 12% of users have upgraded to iOS9.

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What’s new

The updated operating system comes with Apple News, a long overdue reworking of Newstand, and iCloud Drive, giving you access to any file in iCloud from your mobile device.

Both Siri and the Notes app saw the addition of new features, and Apple Maps finally added a public transportation option for directions.

Meanwhile, multitasking iPad users get new split-screen and picture-in-picture functionality.

And users had to delete fewer selfies to clear up hard drive space for the download. While last years iOS8 tipped the scales at 4.58gb, this year’s update was a noticeably slimmer 1.3gb.

Head over to Mixpanel Trends to see the real-time adoption numbers as they come in.

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