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iPhone SDK & UDIDs

Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
Suhail Doshi

We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback about UDIDs and how we treat them. This is in part due to how iOS 5 is deprecating the use of UDIDs and Apple rejecting apps who make use of it. The good news is that we removed the use of UDIDs from our library a few months after Apple issued notice on them so that our customers would not have any issues.

In short, if you’ve integrated or updated our library within the past 6 months you’re totally safe. If you haven’t, then feel free to update it to our latest library on Github.

Just so you’re not concerned, here’s some proof (lines 101-157). Instead of using UDIDs, we use a one-way hash of the user’s MAC address which we believe is a reasonable solution for tracking the same user consistently yet allows us to be polite about their privacy. As usual, you can always override a property called “distinct_id” with your own unique identifier (like a user id in your database).

Developers: See the diff that was made 6 months ago.

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