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Learning from each other

As companies learn from their data, they also need to learn from each other. Currently there is a real lack of education and sharing around challenges companies face at different stages of growth and lessons they’ve learned as they use analytics to help solve those challenges. Our new educational site, Lessons Learned, is designed to help by becoming a TED for analytics with talks from really interesting companies. These brief 15-20 minute talks focus sharing interesting insights that don’t usually make it to the outside world.

Today the site features talks from Voxer, BranchOut, YouTube, Twitch.tv and Fitbit on how they have used analytics to help grow their business. Insights include:

  • Twitch on Android & iPhone apps –They wanted to understand how much extra functionality like searching, emoticons and chatting impacted user engagement. Their iPhone version had the premium functionality, but the Android version did not. They found that the Engagement KPI’s on Android were the same, giving them a clear threshold for a minimum viable product.
  • BranchOut on permissions dialog box on Facebook–They were able to get 40% of people who decided to cancel when presented with a permissions dialog box on Facebook to change their mind by adding a page explaining what the permissions were.
  • Fitbit on questioning basic assumptions–When the Fitbit team found out that only 54% of their new customers completed their activation flow on iOS compared to 90% on desktop, they knew they had a problem. After testing multiple theories they determined the problem was their customers did not know which device they had. After updating their flow, they were able to get completion rates to close to desktop levels.
  • YouTube on product data not always telling the full story–When YouTube experienced a big spike in usage from a their Dutch customers the product data could not explain why. They turned to other sources and figured out the spike correlated with a unseasonally bad weather that must have kept their customers inside.

We plan on adding a new video a month. If you’ve learned something interesting and would like to do a talk please contact us at marketing@mixpanel.com.

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