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Merry Christmas, Internet

Suhail Doshi

We have a present for you!

Starting today, we’ve decided to increase the amount of data you can send us
for free. Our original free cap of 10,000 data points (the individual user
actions you send to Mixpanel) has been bumped up to 100,000. That’s right –
we made our $50/mo Basic plan completely free.

This applies to both existing and new customers. Paid users who are on the
basic plan will have to option to revert to a free account, or to continue
paying and get another 100K data points.

As for the rest of our paid customers – we didn’t forget about you! In the
next few days, we’ll be rolling out a bonus 20% increase in your data quota as
a thank you for helping us build an incredible product this past year.

Not a Mixpanel user? Well now it’s easier to be one:

Happy Holidays from the Mixpanel team

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