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Mistake in "unique" visitor traffic for Jan 30th

Suhail Doshi

Due to an edge case programming error you may notice your unique visitor
traffic is spiking if you do a high data volume with us. We regret to say that
we made a mistake and you should ignore it. Please note this pertains to only
the average and unique visitor traffic for events and properties not funnels
or retention.

Rest assured we fixed the problem and looked for additional places where the
same bug could also be. Taking how we run things here one step further, at
Mixpanel we heavily are now using unit tests to make sure data is precisely
100% accurate all the time. Any change made that could effect how your data is
computed and analyzed will be run against our unit tests to ensure we are
always accurate.

As a startup we’ll make mistakes but we’re working towards increased stability
both in our software and infrastructure. Things will only get better from this
point forward.

If you have a question, please email us at
support@mixpanel.com and we’ll happily answer.

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