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Mixpanel 2.0

Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
Suhail Doshi

Hello world,

Mixpanel 2.0, the next version of Mixpanel, has just
been released! Here’s what’s new:


The entire site has been given a major design refresh. We think it looks much
cleaner now. We hope you agree.



We’ve redesigned our funnel summary page to be more informative. You can now
get a quick birds-eye view of all your funnels and the vital statistics for
each one. If you click on a funnel, you can choose a property and drill down
for that specific variable. You can scroll left and right, comparing, side-
by-side, conversion and dropoff rates for any variable being tracked as part
of a funnel.



We’ve highlighted our retention analysis to put more emphasis on this
important feature. Retention is graphed over time, so it’s easy to show how
changes in your application increase or decrease retention rate. Percentages
are shown in the line graph, while you can find raw numbers of returning users
in the table below. You can see subsequent day N cohort graphs (the number of
users who return 2, 3, or more days later) as separate grey lines overlaid
onto the retention graph. This way you can easily understand how “sticky”
various pieces of your application are and how to improve this vital



Bookmarks are a new feature we’ve added, allowing you to choose “favorite”
event views and save them to return to later. This is a great time-saver if
you notice yourself returning to create the same graphs repeatedly. Bookmarks
are shared across projects, so everyone collaborating with you can instantly
get up to speed on the most important information.

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