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Mixpanel adds custom graphs

Suhail Doshi

This post is out of date.

Mixpanel’s Trends report is even better today

See it in action at: Mixpanel University

Our goal at Mixpanel is to display the data you send us in a way that makes it
easy to understand. This can be a real challenge when you have many different
events on the same graph, so we’ve opted to only show you the most important
ones – a maximum of 9 things per graph.

However, this means that your less common events don’t show up on overview
graphs. To fix this, we’ve just introduced an ‘Advanced’ section at the top
of both event and property overview pages. Here you can select the specific
events you would like to compare:


When you hit the ‘Compare’ button, you’ll see graphs for only the selected
events, like so:


One more thing I’d like to point out are the explanations we’ve added to each
graph. If you see a graph or chart that confuses you, mouse over the ‘what’s
this?’ link next to the title.


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