Mixpanel gets saucy

A fellow named Scott Norton and I rode folding bicycles all over Asia together in 2010. During our travels we bonded over our shared interest in branding, design, and entrepreneurship.

When we got back from that trip he applied that passion to his ketchup company Sir Kensington’s, while I went on to work at Mixpanel.

Though Mixpanel and Sir Kensington’s are obviously very different businesses, we share a dedication to design and clarity of purpose. So when Scott was in San Francisco this week for sales meetings, he asked if he could drop by the Mixpanel offices to meet the team, learn a little about the tool and give us a taste of his famous “scooping” ketchup.

Scott came laden with fresh sweet potato fries, onion rings and other greasy pub grub, to give us a taste of the classic and spicy versions of his sauce. Needless to say, he gained himself some new fans.

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