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New eBook: The Mixpanel iOS 10 Report

What does iOS 10 mean for product teams? We analyzed billions of data points to find out.

dotsAnalysts and shareholders pay close attention to sales, but adoption numbers are what matter to the rest of us. With that in mind, we crunched billions of anonymized and aggregated data points to deliver exclusive, product-focused insights and analysis on iOS 10 adoption and more in The Mixpanel iOS 10 Report.


Why are iOS 10 trends important to your product team… and what do they mean for Apple’s future?

Adoption rates and trends reveal which to product and development teams which operating systems and devices users are on, helping those teams make decisions about how to allocate time and resources.

Tech leaders like a16z’s Connie Chan and Benedict Evans talked to The Signal exclusively and offered their insights on the bumpy road to full iOS 10 adoption.

Here’s what’s included in this report:

  • How iOS 10 performed relative to other iOS versions
  • How iOS is performing relative to Android (you might be surprised)
  • Exclusive insights from Benedict Evans, Connie Chan, Arjun Lall, and more
  • What iOS 10 means for East Asian messenger platforms (and why you should care)

Whether you are a developer or a product manager, our eBook will arm you with the data insights you need to give your mobile app an edge against the competition.

We are very excited to present The Mixpanel iOS 10 Report to The Signal’s readers. Click below to download this free eBook today! 


(And don’t forget to bookmark our real-time iOS and Android adoption graphs right here.)

Photographs by Jason Dean and Kārlis Dambrāns, made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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